Project Description

Your home’s front entrance should be complementary to the architecture and features of your house. A well thought out and executed entry reveals the best of your taste, personal style, and pride of place.

The front walkway, stoop, and plantings are integral elements to this primary access to your residence, and they must be chosen with care. There are many options available to achieve the desired outcome that will enhance your home’s curb appeal. Our team will work with you to select the proper stone finishes, accents, and plantings that will create a cohesive front entrance landscape and enhance your property’s value.

Front entry solutions we have created for clients’ outdoor spaces include

  • Brick, Bluestone, and Concrete Pavers
  • Natural Fieldstone Steppers
  • Bricks Edged with Granite
  • Granite Borders and Stone Accents
  • Walls and Natural Stone Features
  • Granite, Brick, and Stone Stoops
  • Structural Plantings and Colorscapes