Project Description

Plantings are the most important part of any landscape. They add structure, color, and height, and provide privacy, create traffic flow, and accent, and beautify your outdoor surroundings. Doug Curtiss Landscaping knows how to select the right plants, trees and shrubs to enhance your front entrance, screen out undesirable views, or enclose spaces to create privacy. Whether it is a majestic beech, a boxwood hedge, an ornamental Japanese maple or birch, we offer you our expert guidance so that the location and choice of plantings achieve the intended purpose, and its full potential. To that end we carefully use varieties that have been tested to withstand the weather in New England. In short, we will take into account your personal preferences in order to create a landscape that fits your tastes as well as stands the test of time.

Plantings Features

  • Shade Trees
  • Evergreen Screens
  • Mixed Borders
  • Naturalized Plantings
  • Native Shrubs and Trees
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Flowering Shrubs and Trees