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Curtiss has been in business for over 35 years, and offers landscaping services from Worcester to Weston. Our work ranges from general maintenance to advanced landscape development and installation. Elements include, but are not limited to, water features, stone work, plantings, grading and backfilling. The results are distinguished by a high degree of detail, and a desire to make every project the best it can be.

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Southborough Residence

Southborough Residence 2017-05-17T14:05:10+00:00

Project Description

This newly constructed residence required complete landscape development. The owner desired a natural setting, bringing elements from his Vermont property to his Massachusetts residence. The highlight of the landscape is an expansive water feature that includes a large fishing pond, a series of smaller ponds, and waterfalls all connected by a creek. The property also includes outdoor living, a pool, and finely finished lawns and plantings.

Our work began with an enormous excavation to create the water feature. The main body of water consisted of a 20 foot deep pond designed to create a habitat for large fish native to New England. This required a substantial concrete pour and an intricate pump system, providing functionality to the stream and waterfalls. The water feature was accented by large boulders that our team hand-selected with the property owner from his land in Vermont. The pool area was surrounded by a large deck finished with natural cleft bluestone handpicked to meet a certain color hue. The property was completed with the installation of sod and intricate land and aquatic plantings.


  • Large Tree Planting
  • Man-made Fishing Pond
  • Pool with Bluestone Deck
  • Waterscape with flowing water
  • Naturalized Aquatic Planting
  • Man-made Rowing Pond