Project Description

The Villages at Walker Meadow, a private condominium community consisting of 100 active adult units, was faced with a difficult problem. The original poured concrete walkways throughout the complex, installed during the construction of the community, had begun to crack and heave, creating both aesthetic and safety issues for Village owners. It was clear that all of the original concrete had to be removed and replaced by aesthetically pleasing walkways installed with minimal disruption to the lives of the unit owners.

Inevitably, as in all community projects, opinions were mixed on how to undertake such a large project. Whomever would be chosen to replace the walkways would need both superior organizational skills and the ability to explain the project in layman’s terms to the residents. Issues would need to be aired and resolved in the face of potentially diverse viewpoints without endangering the integrity of the finished product.

The community reached out to Doug Curtiss Landscaping, based not only upon our reputation for expert planning, scheduling, and delivery of the highest quality landscape services, but also our proficiencies in customer service and communications.

Preconstruction planning was instrumental for this project. The project was broken down into five phases of demolition and repaving in order to close and reopen walkways quickly, and minimize the length of the disruptive construction process for each unit owner. Every phase was kicked off with a meeting of affected residents to review expectations and to air and resolve concerns.

The construction began with the removal of the existing reinforced concrete walkways. The excavation exposed a clay subgrade which raised concerns for proper drainage. The unforeseen situation required additional excavation and the installation of an earth stabilization fabric. Walkways, diverse in shape and length, were finished by our paver team with an Ideal Boston Colonial paver lined with curbstone. Many of the walkways include granite steps to accommodate grade changes.

The ongoing drainage problems were resolved, the quality and aesthetics of the finished walkways was achieved, and the five phases were completed on time and on budget as projected. The results were hailed a complete success by both Walker Meadow unit owners and management.


  • Walkway Excavation, Preparation and Grading
  • Granite steps, Ideal Boston Colonial Paver, and Curbstone