Project Description

Today, water features are enjoying immense popularity among homeowners of all types – and for good reason. The allure of splashing water and bubbles created by rocky stream beds or fountains increases your connection with the soothing acoustic rhythms and visual splendor of nature. A water feature provides an appealing, almost hypnotic viewpoint to any landscape, however large or small, and can bring your landscape to life by providing micro-habitats for plants, fish and wildlife.

At Doug Curtiss Landscaping we know how to enhance your property with a water feature that is both visually and aurally stimulating, and provides you with a landscape element that will truly set your property apart in appeal and value. Whether it’s a small koi pond or an expansive water system incorporating streams, waterfalls, and a large pond, we have the expertise to create a unique water feature for you.

Our water feature installations include

  • Streams and Creeks
  • Waterfalls
  • Fish Ponds
  • Stone Features and Plantings

Wow Curtiss came in to our property and presented us with 3 options. We loved each one and finally settled on a lovely waterfall leading to a small pond stocked with colorful plants and fish. We love our new waterscaped property!